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With decades of practical HR experience, we deliver industry-specific and cost-effective solutions for your tough workforce issues. 


 Equipped with knowledge in workplace compliance and employee development, any of our experts are ready to work with your team and assess your HR and workforce needs. 


Our experts collaborate with you and your team to develop the most effective HR  solution(s) to your specific need(s). We have bilingual associates available to work with your team as well.


Our team can assist with projects such as employee handbooks, HR audits or serve as your ongoing HR advisors to address issues as they arise. Check out our services below to see what we offer!

Benefit from direct real-time access to our diverse group of local HR experts.


What Our Clients Say About Us

CoreHR is a life saver. When I came onboard, there was no active Director of Human Resources. MMC contracted with CoreHR to manage human resources while they recruited for a director. I’ve had the privilege of working side by side with Consuelo Chavez as I navigated through a new role. Her knowledge, understanding, availability and loyalty to our organization was invaluable.  The CoreHR team is knowledgeable and resourceful and I was blessed to have their support. The Leave Management resource has been worth its weight in gold. Navigating through all the twist and turns, tracking and notifying during this COVID pandemic….PRICELESS! I truly consider this organization as an extended part of our team.

Catrina Draper Human Resource Director, Marjaree Mason Center

We decided to partner with CoreHR when we opened in February of 2018.  We were looking for a team that would support our growing firm and would share in our core values of quality service and team work.  CoreHR checked all of the boxes and have exceeded our expectations.  As our company has tripled in size, CoreHR has provided us with sound and practical advice and regularly provides excellent guidance on evolving legal issues.  Every member is responsive to our questions and have taken a critical role in our company from on-boarding of new employees, to creating of HR policies and counseling.

We highly recommend CoreHR and the services they provide.  The CoreHR team provides us with piece of mind to know that any employment issue will be properly addressed and we could not be happier with our partnership.

Mandy Jeffcoach Partner, Whitney, Thompson & Jeffcoach

“I would highly recommend CoreHR. I am very pleased with the execution and professionalism they have brought to our company.”

Bill Betts, President Betts Spring Company

“CoreHR feels like part of the Grizzlies’ family. They are so approachable and easy to reach. CoreHR is the best, we love them!”

Derek Franks, President Fresno Grizzlies

“CoreHR gives us the balance of someone that has had experience on the HR side and someone that knows all the laws and regulations. I recommend CoreHR 100%!”

Erin Mastriano, HR Manager Delray Tire & Retreading

“The CoreHR Team are off the charts a real pro team and very quick!   Thank you for your quick follow up and for sending over documents that we began to use right away. I can aleady see after a few weeks of working with the team how your expertise in HR is making our business more formal. Your help is greatly appreciated and will certainly contribute to any business success.”

Carlos, Owner Well Done Moving Inc.

“I selected CoreHR Team for their consulting services because of their excellent reputation.

It was one of the best decisions I have made as CEO.  

They sent in one of their very capable and experienced professionals who systematically and expeditiously conducted a discovery phase in which they identified and corrected issues that needed to be fixed within our organization.  Then they worked with our senior management to reconstruct an HR unit with new, best practice processes and procedures.  They worked seamlessly and transparently to establish confidence we so dearly needed in a surprisingly short time.

I would highly endorse CoreHR.”

Christopher Staub CEO & President of Central California Blood Center

“Working for a business group of several entities, it can get pretty tedious to ensure all of our HR practices and employment practices are in compliance with federal and California law. We hired Michelle and her team several years ago to outsource the HR function for our entities and have retained them ever since. Michelle is very sharp and her team is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable as well. They have helped us with hiring HR managers and reviewing our HR systems and policies. They’ve provided recommendations and suggestions on how different aspects of the HR role can be performed. They’ve provided us important seminars and trainings to expand our knowledge and comply with federal and state law. They have assisted us in drafting our handbook to ensure we are in compliance with California law as well as providing sound benefits to all of our employees. We highly recommend CoreHR in various aspects of the HR role to any entity, large or small.”

Rodney Roque, CPA CFO at Ruelas Enterprises

“We emailed CoreHR late one night due to an emergency situation which we needed help with. They responded right away, scheduled to meet with us immediately, and helped address the immediate and the long term concerns that we were having. Now we have had them as part of our team for over a year, and I cannot say enough how much they have helped us with. Whether it is an urgent issue, or keeping us on track with following all of the laws, even new ones, they are always on top of it. We would not be a successful agency without them, and we highly recommend partnering with CoreHR, no matter how big or small your agency might be!”

Victoria Sanders CEO of VMS Family Counseling Services

“I was first told to call CoreHR Team from a business friend and I fell in love with the CoreHR team from the moment I called them. I was the next generation taking over our family business and was looking for input on some decisions. And I got more than that. They came and sat in business meetings by my side, supporting me in the difficult tasks. They are there for guidance over the phone when myself or my team needed it, they have tailored training specifically to our needs, they’ve helped us understand each other better with their expertise in behavorial assessments, and there are so many other things they have done to support us over the years. I love knowing that I’ve got a huge HR team ready to jump in and help when we need it.”

Melanie White CEO of Hellwig Products

Partnering with CoreHR is one of the best business decisions United Way ever made. As a leader, I am grateful to have a talented powerhouse HR team to support our mission. Without a doubt, talent management is our most important function in achieving our mission and we have to treat it accordingly. CoreHR has proven to be critical to our success!

Lindsay Callahan President and CEO, United Way-Fresno & Madera Counties

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