On-Demand HR Support & HR Mentoring

Small issues can become big if not dealt with immediately. Taking the right first steps helps avoid unforeseen complications down the road. Clients get direct access to CoreHR Team for immediate guidance on HR matters and workforce related issues to maximize employee performance and mitigate litigation risk.  We provide our personal cell phones and email addresses to ensure that your business gets the help needed, when you need it.

Oftentimes employees who are tasked with handling the HR functions for a company lack formal HR training and HR knowledge. Our team of experienced HR mentors will provide the on-the-job training to help the employee succeed. We will meet with the employee at your place of business and work with them one-on-one to give them the skills and knowledge needed to be successful and ultimately to help reduce the risk of unintentional, but costly HR mistakes.

Contact us to learn about what our on-demand and mentoring services can do for you.